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Overview: What is "Bingo Genie"?

Do you want to easily create your own beautiful customized BINGO cards for your classroom, party, or company event? Your wish has been granted. Now you can quickly design your own custom cards, adding your list of text for the boxes in your choice of fonts and colors, and then print your cards, like magic. Everything should be this easy.

Bingo Genie is a Macintosh software application that helps you create and print your own customized "Bingo Game Cards", using your own lists of words or phrases. You can then use these cards to teach vocabulary, science or math in schools, or for party games, or special company events, and distribute/sell them as card packs.


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$14.99 USD

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All future updates are free.


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Do you wish to try it first before you buy it? You can download and use this "Lite" version of the application for free.


Click below to download the User Guide:

If you want to look over the full user guide that comes with the software, it is separately and freely available here too (PDF document.)

Full/Lite Differences

Here are the differences between the "Full" and "Lite" software applications:



We have conjured up a delightful list of features for you. Compare these features against ANY bingo-card-making software you are using now...

  • Choose card sizes from 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, or 7x7.
  • Create a deck of any number of cards, from 4 up to 100 unique cards, with an accompanying call sheet that lists each box item used on the cards.
  • Use your own list of words or phrases for the box items, including different languages or emoji, and choose your own fonts and colors for the box text.
  • Optionally add your own title and subtitle above the cards, and footer below with card number, and choose your own font and color for the text.
  • Turn on or off a “FREE” box in the middle, and choose a different word/font/size/color for the "FREE" box.
  • Turn on or off the display of the "BINGO" letters above the columns, and choose your own font and color for the text.
  • Choose a different color and size for the grid lines around the card boxes, or turn the grid lines off completely.
  • Optionally add your own background image behind the cards.
  • Save your designed card deck settings as a file for opening and printing later, or for sending to other Bingo Genie users.
  • Automatically create a "Call Sheet" reference sheet, listing all box items used in this deck of cards. You can use this to do your random selection/calling of the boxes. The call sheet comes in two formats, "list" and "boxes."
  • Print your deck of cards to a printer, or save the entire deck as a PDF file for later printing, sharing, or sharing/selling to others who do not have Bingo Genie.
  • Use the uniquely generated "Deck ID" from an older printed deck to exactly "re-create" the deck with Bingo Genie, in case you need to re-print card #13 that somebody accidentally took home and lost.
  • The "Deck ID" printed under each card consists of alphabetic letters, however, it is always "sanitized" to insure no embarrassing "naughty words" are accidentally embedded in it, so it will always be "classroom-safe."
  • Buy this software once, use it forever. No hidden upgrade costs or extra fees. Ever.
  • Run this software without a net. Bingo Genie does not need an internet connection to do its magic.

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What's New

1.1.0 - May 17, 2020

  • Consolidated the tabbed user interface for quicker access to everything.
  • The maximum number of box items you can enter has been increased to 100 items, no matter what card size you choose.
  • "Free" text now has its own independent font size control.
  • Added a numeric "percentage" display for the card border margins slider, so you can set it more repeatably.
  • BugFix: The page layout now automatically collapses/tightens spacing between the card grid and title/subtitle when you add or remove the title, subtitle, or BINGO letters.
  • BugFix: The PRINT button will now always be disabled after any layout changes that will require re-building the card deck.
  • BugFix: Properly handle lists of words that were copy/pasted from Microsoft/Windows-formatted documents (CR-LF line endings.)

Screen Shots


Help & FAQ & More Info

  • How to change the letter font size of the box text on your cards

  • If you find that your box text is a little too small or a little too large for the card boxes, you can fine-tune the size of the letters before printing.

    For the box text: Under the "1. Design" tab, select the "Boxes" tab, and look for the slider called "Box text font size adjustment". You can move this slider up (larger text) or down (smaller text), while watching the "Box" Preview on the right to see what size works best.

    For the call sheet text: Under the "1. Design" tab, select the "Call" tab, and look for the slider called "Call sheet font size adjustment". You can move this slider up (larger text) or down (smaller text), while watching either "Call Sheet" Preview on the right to see what size works best.

  • How to split long box text into 2 lines

  • A box item will automatically wrap to multiple lines if it is too long using the font size you chose. However, it wraps at letter boundaries, not necessarily the word or hyphen boundaries you might want. There is a way to tell Bingo Genie exactly where you want to break the box item. You can enter a '\' (back-slash) character on a box item line to force a line-break, splitting it into multiple lines where you want.

  • How to quickly make several decks that have similar settings

  • You may want to design a card layout and use it as a basic "template" for all future decks. Perhaps you always make 5x5 decks with a free space, and always want a subtitle of "Mr. Brown's Biology Class".

    Simply set up the settings the way you want, and choose "Save Default Settings" from the "Bingo Genie" menu. From now on, any new documents you create will start out with those default settings. This does not affect any existing documents you have already saved, since they now keep their own settings.

  • How to remove the Free box on the cards

  • To create Bingo cards where every box is filled, and there is no "Free" box, simply click the "1. Design" tab, then the "Boxes" tab under that. Then turn off the checkbox entitled "Add a 'Free' box on the card", and make your cards. Remember that without this box used on your cards, you will need another box item of your own in order to make the cards.

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What is next?

Well, what would YOU like? If you let me know what things you would like to see next, and I will add them to my to-do list for the next update!


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