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Bouncy Electropop music with aliens dancing around large lava lamps (suggesting that music is literally "universal".) Reaching into my 1980's musical subconscious, I wrote a catchy "Depeche Mode"-like techno-flamenco tune, and then created a mosh pit of Technoids dancing to the music in a hyper-realistic dance hall called "The Candy Bar". Music written note by note in Harmony Assistant ( and finished/EQed in GarageBand. Live acoustic Spanish guitar performed by Ian Beardsley. Video rendered with POV-Ray Mac (, and assembled in iMovie. For the technically curious, there are over 1,200 lines of POV-Ray code (all written by hand in the text language, no modelers were harmed...) to create this. The 2.5 minute movie (in final anti-aliased form) took about 14 continuous hours to render all the frames on an old dual 1 Ghz G4 Mac. A free MP3 of this piece (and others of mine) are available at A completely re-rendered high-quality DVD of this video (that also contains a 12 minute "Behind-the-Scenes" interview with me about the making of the music and graphics) is currently out of print, but may re-appear soon if there is interest.

Dance of the Technoids - Music Video

I often video-tape nature adventures around me, and sometimes invent fantasy adventures via computer-generated graphics.  I edit the videos myself, and often add my own musical compositions to the mix.  My wife and I also enjoy traveling, and I will sometimes take videos of our trips to Bryce Canyon, Big Sur, China, local Renaissance Faires, kayaking, etc.  Just the interesting bits, of course :-)

All of my newer videos are on Vimeo, and my older videos are on my YouTube page.

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A great video of a gathering of over 15 California Condors, 10 feet from a growing crowd of awe-struck passers-by... in Big Sur along the picturesque California Highway 1.

Soon after my wife and I pulled over and set up the video camera, other people began stopping to see these grand birds too. The more people showed up, the more condors flew up to the other side of the guard rail, just as curious as we were. Soon a Ventana Wildlife worker stopped by, gave us some information on the condors (recorded in this video) and then had to shoo the birds off to a safer distance.

Here is a 10 minute segment of footage of these birds close up, people-watching, cuddling with each other, sun-bathing with wings out, and soaring majestically.

I hope you are as entranced as we were!

Condors in Flight - Big Sur, California

I recorded "Vox Nobili" performing a couple of songs at the Escondido Renaissance Faire, on a hot and windy Santa Ana day, April 12, 2008. And yes, I added a very light touch of reverb to the live audio to help filter out a bit of the background noise and wind. Vox Nobili are:

Sopranos:  Tara Pool, Liz Lindenfeld, Angelica Marcu, Barbara Young

Altos:  Susan Abernethy,  Sally Dexter-Smith

Tenor:  Jerry Marcu

Basses:  Vincent Martin,  Richard Smith

They perform Madrigals for Renaissance settings and Christmas music during the holidays.  You can find their web sites at and

"Vox Nobili" Madrigals - Renaissance Faire

Peggy Lundquist, publisher/editor of the "Black Sheep Newsletter" gives a basic overview of many of the events that take place at this annual 3-day "fiber show" in June in Eugene, Oregon.

Black Sheep Gathering - Overview/Interview

Four computer-animated music videos are now available in high-quality (NTSC region free) DVD format.

To find out more, see a video trailer, or to order your copy of this DVD, click here or on the DVD below.

Four Worlds - Music Video DVD

One of the most interesting/silly/exciting things we did on our October 2010 trip to China (Chengdu and Beijing) was to take a day-trip to the Great Wall of China.  I did not want to go to the tourist-crowded "Badaling" part of the wall, so we went to the quieter "Mutianyu" section.  The drive through the rural countryside was just as interesting as the wall itself, and though I got some nice photos up on the wall, the "trip down" was hilariously fun.  I took movies to capture the excitement, and my wife and step-son were right behind me all the way.  Enjoy the ride with us!

Music: "China Blue" by SchwanSongs

Sliding down the Great Wall of China