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Published Books

Here you will find my published books, ready for you to order on-line or find in bookstores. This page gives a quick summary of each book, and a link to each book's product page. The product page gives detailed information about price, where to get it, example pages, etc.

"My Word!" Book series - Word Puzzles & More

Paperback books on Coffee, Owls, etc.

(Click the book covers above for the book product pages and ordering information)

Have you been looking for a variety of carefully-crafted activity and puzzle books, for young and old? You found the spot.

I have custom-designed each of these books with my own artwork and puzzles, setting these books apart from the average bland activity books.

I am busy crafting more "My Word!" books, both for grown-ups and children.

Off I go, Indigo! -- A Short Fable

Paperback book & e-book, Published November 2021

(Click the book cover above for the main book product page and ordering information)

Cormorants today are are slender black birds with bright blue eyes. Long before this age however, they were a beautiful blue head to toe, the same color as their eyes. What happened that made their feathers change color to black? Here is the fable...

This book is a short story suitable for young and old, 6x9 inch paperback book, full-color cover, 20 pages. Story written and published by Eduard Schwan, original watercolor cover art by Sarah Lane.

Published and available at bookstores worldwide, and on Amazon, and a limited edition sold locally in Bellingham, WA.

Also available as an 'ebook' at Apple Books and for Kindle on Amazon.

Seamlessly Endless Patterns -- Abstract Art Coloring Book

Paperback book, Published October 2020

(Click the book cover above for the main book product page and ordering information)

Beautiful Designs

Looking for the next level of coloring book with abstract patterns never seen before? Here it is!

This unique coloring book presents 37 mathematically created patterns of ornate beauty, from large swirly spaces to delightfully delicious details. These designs will ignite your creativity and reduce the stress of this year with a breath of fresh air.

With a twist

Each pattern is designed to seamlessly flow into itself! This means that you can join copies of a pattern side-by-side, and extend your artwork and coloring experience way outside this book.

Published and available here on Amazon, and also a locally-printed "Gold Edition" available in Bellingham, WA.

"Mini Books / 'Zines

Mini limited-edition paperback books.

(Click the book cover above for the book product pages and ordering information)

Here are some small fun books I am creating. They are locally printed limited editions, and are only from a local shop or two here in my home-town of Bellingham, Washington USA. I don't mail them, but can hand you a copy if you are in the area.

Ray Tracing for the Macintosh/CD - (out of print)

Paperback book, Published 1994, by Waite Group Press (info here)

(Copies of this book sometimes show up at discount book centers, and you may still be able to find it on-line... Click book cover above to search for it on Amazon.)

My (now out-of-print) tutorial book "Ray Tracing for the Macintosh CD" shows you how to create your own photo-realistic computer images, with free software for Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. The book comes with a Mac OS (9) CD-ROM that has the full POV-Ray Macintosh application & documentation, lots of scenes with sources from professional artists, animated QuickTime movies, an on-line multimedia encyclopedia of POV-Ray keywords, many Mac utility programs, etc. The book starts at an introductory level, giving an overview of ray tracing and 3-D art. It then explains POV-Ray, its language, and starts you building scenes. It has a chapter on advanced scene design and creation. There is a chapter on creating QuickTime animations, with tips on how to move things around in your scene. There are many example movies on the CD-ROM, and tools to create QuickTime movies yourself. This book covers POV-Ray Mac OS version 2.2, but the techniques and examples in the book carry over to POV-Ray version 3, as well as other rendering applications.


SchwanSongs Blog

Various news (usually infrequent, usually humorous) about this and that: Click here


Short Stories/Essays posted on-line

Essay on Dragons, Fractals, the Universe, and Connections

The answer is not quite 42, and possibly more interesting. Click here to read my thoughts on these connections.

I also created a collaborative fiction writing venture with some friends, and posted my own short story here that you might enjoy.


About the Author

For Fun

My first lifetime was spent in San Diego California, USA, attending UCSD and National University and collecting a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, writing various kinds of software including educational, language translation, tax preparation, and video/photo editing, as well as raising 2 children and a cat, and publishing a computer graphics book.

Now I am enjoying my second lifetime with my wife and the eagles and owls in the forests at the top of Washington State. I am busy writing my own software and books, composing music, making music videos, photographing wildlife, home-roasting my own coffee, traveling, exploring, and still learning and creating new things every day.

For Work

Software engineer (Mac/iPhone, C/C++/Objective-C), primary interest in audio, graphics, utilities to help programmers be more productive, and educational/discovery software for everyone.

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