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The answer is not quite 42, and hopefully more interesting.  Click here to read my thoughts on these connections.

Essay on Dragons, Fractals, the Universe, and Connections

A group of friends and family (and myself) wrote our own stories, based on a single seed paragraph, then shared and compared the results.  The differences and similarities were fascinating, as are the stories themselves.  The stories are here.

DragonSeeds - Collaborative Short Story Project

Published Works

Ray Tracing for the Macintosh/CD

published 1994, by Waite Group Press

My (now out-of-print) tutorial book about creating 3D computer images has started to show up at discount book centers, and you may still be able to find it on-line from Amazon Books, here. "Ray Tracing for the Macintosh CD" comes with a Mac OS (9) CD-ROM that has the full POV-Ray Macintosh application & documentation, lots of scenes with sources from professional artists, animated QuickTime movies, an on-line multimedia encyclopedia of POV-Ray keywords, many Mac utility programs, etc. The book starts at an introductory level, giving an overview of ray tracing and 3-D art. It then explains POV-Ray, its language, and starts you building scenes. It has a chapter on advanced scene design and creation. There is a chapter on creating QuickTime animations, with tips on how to move things around in your scene. There are many example movies on the CD-ROM, and tools to create QuickTime movies yourself. This book covers POV-Ray Mac OS version 2.2, but the techniques and examples in the book carry over to POV-Ray version 3, as well as other rendering applications.