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Available for Macintosh (macOS X 10.10+)

Available for iPhone/iPad (iOS 9.0+)

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Endless creative story openers are now at your fingertips with Lyttony, a rather novel opening-sentence-generator for your iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh.

Lyttony creates millions of original and thought-provoking story-openers, useful for both teachers and students in creative writing classes, authors or writing clubs needing new inspiration, or just quick ideas for daily writing practice.

Lyttony does not require you to choose from confusing topic lists or to play 20-questions first. You are immediately provided ready-to-use opening lines, with no restrictions on their use. Feel free to copy them as-is into your next best-seller, or edit them to your liking.

Ask Lyttony as many times as you want – there's something for everyone. And if you find a great opener, bookmark it or share it with friends. You can always rewind back to your favorite bookmarked lines later.

Lyttony can send you a new line every day, and create customized stories with your name and your favorite color included in the text.

On iOS, Lyttony is integrated into your Messages app, so that you can create stories or access your bookmarks and send them from within the Messages app without leaving the conversation

There are extra-purchase features as well. Lyttony can read the text aloud in your favorite computerized voice. Lyttony can also be synchronized with "Global StoryTime", so you can receive the same line, at the same time, with everyone else in the world.

Need some ideas for your next great story, or stuck trying to think of an opening line for a writing assignment, since "It was a dark and stormy night" is already taken? Let Lyttony provide the impetus to wet the quill, unblock the synapses and pour inspiration into your mind.

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What else can Lyttony Do?

  • Personalized * You can add your name, type of pet, favorite color, etc. and Lyttony will weave these into its stories for you.
  • Customized * The Preferences/Settings page lets you choose a favorite color for the story text.
  • Bookmark & Rewind * Each opener has its own unique 16-character "Story-Code" which, if typed in, can instantly re-display that exact opener again, on anyone's "Lyttony" app. This feature lets you display the list of bookmarks, and choose a prior "bookmarked" opener to re-display. This is good for bookmarking/saving and revisiting prior funny ones, or sending the magic Story-Code to friends so they can jump to it it too.
  • Daily Dose * Do you want to receive a daily idea without even running the app? There's a setting for that! Just turn on "Daily Notifications", choose an hour of the day to have it delivered, and every day like clockwork, you will get a new story idea! You can read it in place in the notification center, or click it to have it displayed in the "Lyttony" app.
  • Messages App * On the iPad and iPhone, Lyttony also shows up as a Messages app extension, so you can create and send stories to friends without leaving the Messages app. It even remembers your bookmarked stories and works with GlobalSync mode. Open the Messages app. Click the Lyttony extension. Pick a story. Send."
  • Global-Sync * Turn on Global-Sync mode and tap in to the "global story-cosmos." Everyone in the world can get the same story at the same time, no matter where they live. So if you and somebody in another country both choose "every hour", then all Lyttony apps will dish out identical stories together every hour. Turn on Global-Sync, set the same time-frequency as your friends, and enjoy synchronized story time. This is an extra-purchase feature.
  • Read Aloud * Have Lyttony read your stories out loud in any of the installed (macOS or iOS) text-to-speech voices, manually or automatically. This is an extra-purchase feature.
  • Share * Send your favorites to friends via e-mail/Facebook/Twitter/messaging/photos, or copy/paste them directly into your own writing projects.
  • Shake it up * Shaking your iPad or iPhone will automatically generate a new opener. NOTE: iOS only, Macs are not meant to be shaken or stirred.


Lyttony is a $1 USD application, with the extra features of "Read stories aloud" and "Global-Sync" as additional $1 in-app-purchases. That is cheaper than a bag of potato chips, and Lyttony lasts forever!

Available for any Intel Macintosh, macOS X 10.10 and newer

Available for iPhone (the 5 and newer) and iPad (the ancient iPad 2 and newer) and iPod Touch, iOS 9 and newer

What's New

It's 1.0, so everything is new!

Known Bugs

  • Hitting tab/return after editing one of the PERSONALIZATION fields doesn't go to next field. (On Mac, hitting up-down-arrows when focused out on the overall line, WILL move the selection up and down, and tab will jump into that text field.)
  • iOS: When sharing story to e-mail, there is NO subject line text added to the e-mail.


The main display

Some settings

FAQ & Tips

FAQ: Here are some common questions/answers...

  • Q: Can I sell my book using quotes from this software?
    A: Yes, that is the whole point! Any stories you create using Lyttony quotes are completely yours to give away or sell. No copyright or attributions needed.
  • Q: How do I access this directly from my messages app?
    A: The Messages-Extension works (automatically) in iOS 10 and newer. After you install the Lyttony app, simply run Messages, and click the little "apps" icon, and you should see the Lyttony icon there. Click it, and create new stories and post them right there! It can also list the bookmarks you saved with your iOS Lyttony app (click the up-arrow to expand the Lyttony message view), and let you choose and send them too.
  • Q: Can I add some of my own story ideas into this software to share, and get my name in the credits too?
    A: Perhaps, for the next big release... it requires some time and work for me to convert each story idea into the right format for the software, but I will again recruit some writers to add to the melting pot for the next major release. Please send me an e-mail with your request!
General Tips:
  • You can save up to 5 bookmarked stories. As you save new ones after that, the older ones get removed from the list.
  • Easter-egg, sort of: There is a piece of music I wrote, and an accompanying super-short-story, hidden in the app.
Mac Tips:
  • You can directly select the text of the current story and copy it for pasting into other documents.
  • Lyttony plays nicely in Dark Mode.
  • You can grow and shrink the main window, and the story font will grow and shrink along with it, to a reasonable size. The window can also go full-screen.
iOS Tips:
  • You can shake your phone/iPad, and it will generate a new story.
  • You can tap on the story, and the text will be immediately copied to the paste-board, where you can switch to another application and paste it in as text.
  • There is a built-in iOS "Messages extension app", so you can access Lyttony right inside Messages, create new stories or access bookmarked ones and send them in your conversations.
Why the funny name?
How does it work, really? Does it just look up a list of pre-made lines?
    Although I cannot divulge all the secrets, I can tell you that these are not lists of pre-canned sentences, nor are they completely random sentences... they are something rather complicated in between, insuring trillions of unique and intriguing sentences. Lyttony incorporates my powerful and proprietary MakeSents© Engine, which runs on "Abstruse Ingenuity" (A.I.)

Press Release, iOS: You can view our iOS press release, read it here.

Press Release, Mac: You can view our Macintosh press release, read it here.

Privacy: Yes, we have a Privacy Policy. Read it here.

What is next?

Well, what would YOU like? If you let me know what things you would like to see next, and I will add them to my to-do list for the next update!

Contact Information

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