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For Macintosh (macOS 10.9+)

For iPhone/iPad (iOS 9.0+)

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What is "Lyttony"?

"Ask lyttony" is an intriguing new novel-sentence-generator for your iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh. It creates ... wait, you are not supposed to find out about this yet, it isn't even ready!

What else can Lyttony Do?

  • Speak to Me * Either automatically or manually speak your fortunes out loud in any of the installed (macOS or iOS) text-to-speech voices (this is an add-on feature.)
  • Share * Send your favorite sayings to friends on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/e-mail/messaging, or copy/paste them into newsletters.
  • Bookmark & Re-In-Karma * Each fortune has its own unique 16-character "Karma-code" which, if typed in, can instantly re-display that exact fortune again, on any device that is running "Ask lyttony". This feature lets you type one of these codes and re-display that particular fortune, or choose a prior "bookmarked" fortune. This is good for bookmarking/saving and revisiting prior funny ones, or sending the code to friends so they can jump to it it too, instant "Re-In-Karma". Ask lyttony will save up to 10 of these bookmarked fortunes, with older ones dropping off as you bookmark new ones.
  • Daily Dose - Do you want a daily fortune without even running the app? There's a setting for that! Just turn on "Daily Fortunes", choose an hour of the day to have it delivered, and now every day like clockwork, you will get a new fortune from the goddess! You can read it in place in the notification center, or click it to have it displayed in the "Ask lyttony" app.
  • Shake it up * On the iPad and iPhone, shaking the device will automatically generate a new fortune, somewhat like a "Magic 8-ball".
  • Personalized * lyttony bonds to you, and your fortunes are different from anyone else! Try it! If you and a friend start "Ask lyttony" on two different devices at exactly the same time, you will each get different sets of fortunes.
  • Customized * The Preferences or Settings page lets the user customize the appearance, choosing a favorite color as a backdrop tint behind the text, and turning on/off sound effects for the buttons. This is also where the user can play with the computer-voices and purchase the "Speak-to-me" feature.


Lyttony is priced as a $1 application, with the extra feature of "Speak-to-me" as an additional $1 in-app-purchase. That is cheaper than a bag of potato chips, and much healthier!

Available for any intel Macintosh, macOS 10.9 and up

Available for iPhone (the 5 and newer) and iPad (the ancient iPad 2 and newer) and iPod Touch, iOS 9 and newer

What is next?

Lyttony wants to be so much more! However, after a year of working on it I had to stop adding features and get it out to you! So, now I have to ask you the important questions. What new things would you like to see next?


The main display

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